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Top 6 MIUI 11 Alpha Application Download and install in MIUI 10

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Top 6 MIUI 11 Alpha Application Download and install in MIUI 10

Download MIUI 11 Alpha App in MIUI 10, Top 6 MIUI 11 Alpha Application Download and install in MIUI 10.

TOP 6 MIUI 11 Alpha Application

As you know MIUI working on its new UI that is MIUI 11. MIUI 11 Will Bring Lots of new features to your MIUI 10 Device, And Now Currently Xiaomi is working on New Applications of there MIUI 10 China Based ROM but you can install them into the MIUI 10 Global ROM File. Here in this Article we will show you 6 New App Changes but we have 4 of them till now to install in Stable.

Xiaomi Testing App Drawer in MIUI Launcher, App Shortcuts Also Spotted in Alpha Development Build

MIUI 11 Launcher 4.0 Alpha Build with App Drawer Download Now

  • The app drawer in MIUI does not support swipe down gesture.
  • MIUI launcher’s alpha test build also brings app shortcuts support.
  • One has to tap the back or down arrow button to collapse app drawer.
  • There is no word when these features will arrive via stable channel.


New Gallery App With Pinch Zoom and Sky Mode MIUI 11

This new feature will be a part of the photo editing functionality present within the MIUI Gallery app. With this upcoming feature, users can take images with a predominant sky element and swap it with a bunch of different presets depicting the sky in different scenes. The presets will not only alter the appearance of the sky but also add relevant lighting effects to the rest of the image and objects in order to better reflect the lighting condition had the sky been as it appears. There will also be a slider to control this lighting effect.


New File Manager MIUI 11

With the latest build of MIUI’s China Developer ROM, the File Manager is getting a refreshed and cleaner interface. The icons from the older interface are now replaced by text for easy discovery, while the colors have been softened out to make the interface look minimal. The visual elements in the interface are flatter and don’t feel obtrusive anymore.

App Vault MIUI 11

App Vault MIUI 11 New APP Vault Introduced by MIUI 10 China Build will Soon Come in MIUI 11 Alpha ROMS. It brings all the important notifications and app features together. Here you can find the features you need most and use them without even starting the app. You can call a cab, take a note, and view the results of the game you missed all in one place.

New Security App of MIUI 11

New Security app of MIUI 11 will bring with Battery Graph Icon . The latest MIUI 10 China Beta was released on July 1, 2019. This build with version number 9.7.1 comes with a new settings interface, which could possibly be in preparation for MIUI 11.


MI Messenger MIUI 11

New MI Message app Bring new functions of new shortcuts for MIUI 10 China build which you can use in MIUI 10 Global.



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