MIUI 11 Release in China Alpha Testing Start With Company Employs

MIUI 11 Release in China Alpha Testing Start With Company Employs

MIUI 11 Release in China Alpha Testing Start With Company Employs recently leaked by a Russian website Source

Already in the current 2019, it is announcing the electronics manufacturer MIUI 11 firmware, which can be established by many users on their mobile devices and tablet computers. However, its release has already taken place, because it is known from a source of social network vibboo.

MIUI 11 Release Date Specification New Features and Device List

MIUI 11 Release in China

It has been reported  on May 29, 2019, Xiaomi started a full trial of MIUI 11 firmware inside its company, and all employees were given access to this software so that they could use it and Can report the deficiency. According to the Chinese corporation, this is the only way to achieve the ideal work of new software,

So that all users have access to its steady version, not some buggy and shaky This is the reason that it was necessary for the Chinese corporation to provide a new operating system almost a month before its full presentation.

Alpha Testing Start With Company Employs

In the second half of June, a full presentation of the new Xiaomi operating system is expected, which this Chinese corporation has released in its recent years for more than four dozen smartphones and many tablets launched in the market. The main innovation will be support for a dark topic, for which the whole interface will be painted in black and dark brown, and in turn, not only will reduce the stress of the eyes, but also the battery life of the phone with OLED screen is quite Will increase.

Otherwise, users are waiting for an updated lock menu, better standard icons, improved picture quality, as well as many other innovations. All of them will be told during the presentation of MIUI 11 firmware, after which the first test build will be issued, which no one can install. For the release of the last stable build of the new operating system for Xiaomi Smartphone, it is expected to be in August-September, and the first new software will be released to China, while its release will be for the international market.

Release Date for MIUI 11 ROM 

  • Alpha Testing :- Start 29 May
  • Full Presentation :- Mid June
  • China Close Beta Release :- July
  • China Public Beta Release :- July Last Expected
  • China Stable  Release :- August
  • Global Close Beta Release :- July – August
  • Global Public Beta Release :- August
  • Global Stable Release :- September


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