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MIUI 11 9.9.24 Redmi K20 Pro Close beta Update Download Now

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MIUI 11 9.9.24 Redmi k20 Pro Close beta Update Download Now

What’s new In MIUI 11 

MIUI 11 Font Download

New MIUI 11 Fonts have little diffrent looks as you can see in the picture

MIUI 11 Settings Apk Download

New Seeting app brings lots of new revamped in the UI as you can see below.

MIUI 11 Always On Display Download

This feature is currently working only in amolde display devices.

MIUI 11 Dialer and Contact apk Download

New Dilaer pad and contact apps introduced in new MIUI 11 First batch.

New MIUI 11 Browser

New MI Browser is now ad free and support Desktop view like google chrome.

  • Revamped the system UI.
  • Less Ads.
  • New Features.
  • New Gesture.
  • Full Screen Mode Now Available.
  • Fast and easy to use.

MIUI 11 Mi Browser Alpha v11.0.2

MIUI 11 Notes

New MIUI 11 Notes Application brings loths of new features.

No picture available.

MIUI 11 Clock Apk Download

New Clock with revamped features no picture available.

MIUI 11 Calender

MIUI 11 Full Interface leak, MIUI 11 Launch Date

New revamped calendar released in MIUI 11 below download link available.

MIUI 11 Wether Apk Download

New weather app has revamped features of MIUI 11 below download link available.

MIUI 11 Email Apk Download

New email apk which has revamped features against below download link available MIUI 10.

MIUI 11 Calculator Apk Download 

MIUI 11 not only will have revamped interface it will also have revamped Mi Apps, Like the MIUI 11 Mi Calculator App, which you can install in your MIUI 10 devices, but it has also all-new PiP mode enabled for all the MIUI 10 running devices. The PiP mode in Calculator will help you in multitasking if you want to calculate anything which watching any video or typing Notes. MIUI 11 Mi Calculator App works in all the latest MIUI 10 Global ROMs.

MIUI 11 Security Apk Download

Super Power saving can enable from Security app and give you extreme battery life.

MIUI 11 Full Interface leak, MIUI 11 Launch Date

MIUI 11 Launcher Apk Download

The app drawer in MIUI does not support swipe down gesture. MIUI launcher’s alpha test build also brings app shortcuts support. One has to tap the back or down arrow button to collapse app drawer.

MIUI 11 Launcher 4.0 Alpha Build with App Drawer Download Now

MIUI 11 Gallery Apk Download 

This new feature will be a part of the photo editing functionality present within the MIUI Gallery app. With this upcoming feature, users can take images with a predominant sky element and swap it with a bunch of different presets depicting the sky in different scenes.

MIUI 11 Full Interface leak, MIUI 11 Launch Date


Click below to Downloads MIUI 11 9.9.24 ROM K20 pro

All New Links of MIUI 11 Apps

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