MIUI 10 8.11.1 Global Public Beta Update Download

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Right now I only have MIUI 10 Beta For Redmi note 5 Pro

Full ROM Download


Download Links
Redmi 3S/Prime 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1287M 7b33bba442079299ed1cc278010edcf7
Fastboot ROM 1492M 245f199b0bfeb18b249bc497d0eefec4
Redmi Note 3 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1288M 96993a19cb7541d558173b65bce3dc3e
Fastboot ROM 1497M 1d5d648a12dbbe4436204f165a029bbb
Redmi 4 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1318M ffafef31670da66239aedc5e67eba085
Fastboot ROM 1526M 7cfa973d16b6bb8fe9a6f418686fa7d5
Mi Max 32G 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1505M 644e513382f06641bd848c9cc22b93cb
Fastboot ROM 1710M 91e7a53242b3caf2abc79a96f85602ff
Mi Max 64G/128G 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1506M 26d3b5aca3530e37fd1c7b06f9d362f9
Fastboot ROM 1711M f35620cbd0b224d1d67eeb6e8650fe73
Redmi 4A 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1325M 35bee6afae0f2970c97b9661c163c5b7
Fastboot ROM 1543M 8f1a461227522c3e5bf068211adfd3be
Redmi 5A 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1290M 3344b3c755b13f5bbae1a70e80597ea5
Fastboot ROM 1724M c23e84749c9e6828d2937cfd81ee9b06
Redmi Note 4 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1521M 36f1dfb34a3937b1fbb6ad9aff26de21
Fastboot ROM 1739M d9654bb6404e131bad09e5187c2b9744
Mi Max 2 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1647M 482567e0fb72a427ab6bab0690bf2f5a
Fastboot ROM 1892M 27f0414af0a5c5e0e2f67968d49b3af0
Redmi Y1 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1276M 7edd4263a5fa7d69774fb07ee2496417
Fastboot ROM 1625M 465e80efcd1152ff03eadcebc67cb0da
Redmi 5 8.11.1
Update Flash 1426M dc195edc4bf64ada67b38f1de483914b
Fastboot ROM 1834M cbd9a4d79cf90f6ebbc3efbe2a5cc2c4
Mi MIX 2 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1665M 1ca497fe70711b4c80facf13c379f53b
Fastboot ROM 1848M ce3b4ace64a7a1775d571d2aa0561c5c
Redmi Y2 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1334M f13eabc16d470d8a0cdf235f49bd7346
Fastboot ROM 1803M 29235f8e6a3b9c9dcf044059cbad1dd0
Redmi Note 5 Pro 8.11.1
Recovery ROM
Fastboot ROM 2310M 6bd309c18b033fb655970ee3543c8f93
Mi 5 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1444M 8f7c03b3f1bd1fa2293a89c3925daf73
Fastboot ROM 1654M 0f42558221a952e32bc5476148f6703e
Redmi 6A 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1168M 1e9f7d7208346d4cd50d9df12c6dd5ba
Fastboot ROM 1638M fc0c1b739342e4a5213146ebcdec50e9
Redmi 6 8.11.1
Recovery ROM 1171M d66bfe944444bd37cba011de0f319358
Fastboot ROM 1643M a79a41c5473a117741ced1fbfb0630f4
Redmi Y1 LITE 8.11.1
Update Flash 1270M 34b49c627ec4de5de820d10cb1f502bf
Fastboot Flash 1577M e86340b2d107e181ead5522ca02c4589

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