How to schedule WhatsApp and Facebook messages with ease

How to schedule WhatsApp and Facebook messages with ease?

WhatsApp allows you to send message to any one any time in real time processing process.

Sadly WhatsApp dosen’t allow you to send message in schedule mode or there is no features available in WhatsApp for schedule message.

WhatsApp is the  one of the world’s most popular messaging platform with over 1.5 billion monthly active users and this is a great thing that you feel.

While WhatsApp allows you to send your messages, photos and videos, instantly, there are times when you want your message to be delivered at just the right moment.

That means WhatsApp allows you real time processing system like email .

But some time is sucks because some time with we want to schedule message but we can’t .

Sadly, WhatsApp doesn’t offer an option to schedule your messages. Moreover, the feature might not be on the top criteria for some users.

but for people with a geek mind  to forget important events and dates will surely like this feature.

In  Google Play store, one will find a lot of apps floating around which lets you schedule your messages.

Here, we will be talking about SKEDit app that help you to schedule WhatsApp messages, text messages, send automatic emails.

schedule Facebook posts and set call reminders, without you having to lift a finger!

So how does it work?

First of all

You  needs to download and install SKEDit: Auto scheduling app from Google Play store.

After downloading launch the app, you need to create an account which you can even sign in with your Facebook account.

After logging into your account, tap on either ‘WhatsApp Business’ or ‘WhatsApp’ icon.

The app will prompt a query requesting ‘accessibility’ permission.

If you want to scheduling WhatsApp messages, you also get the option to schedule the post on Facebook, a text message, an email or a call.

After granting the app permission to access data.

you can easily create and schedule a post or a message by selecting a date and time in your Android phone.

SKEDit will automatically share  or message without an user action.

There is also an option that will help you to repeat a message if needed.

You  can also set a scheduled reminder instead of an automatic submission.

Download skedit

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