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How to Make Sites Stop Asking to Show Notifications

How to Make Sites Stop Asking to Show Notifications
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How to Make Sites Stop Asking to Show Notifications everyone is using Chrome these days and I am sure you are one of those .

But there is a problem actually it’s a feature but trust me it sucks while we searching something new for us .

I am talking about notification that website shows us for subscribing them thoroug email support.

If we saw worst notification in FB the we uninstall the FB app also do the same with other worst app.

But we can’t uninstall chrome or we also can’t stop using Google search engine.

Every one don’t like the feature but today I will show you the solution of this painful unwanted notification.

To turn off pesky notification prompts and stop notifications from appearing even while you’re not using your browser.

open Chrome and tap the menu button to the right of the address bar.

Tapon “Settings” from the menu that appears, then select “Site Settings” on the following page.

Within “Site Settings,” select “Notifications,” then tap on the toggle at the top of the page to disable the feature.

This will block notifications from any site you’ve approved in the past.

And it will also prevent any other sites from asking for permission to send you notifications.

And you can enjoy your browsing a notification free browsing .

How to create website shortcut on your home screen

Also do you know how to create websites shortcut on your home screen in Android through chrome.

So if you don’t know then read below Paragraph.

This is like creating a app lite version of like you always use Facebook in your chrome browser but you have to search it on chrome always .

So here is the solution .-)

Open chrome app
Open FB
Login your I’d password in FB .
Then click on 3 dot menu in upper side of your chrome browser .
You will se a options call add to home screen
Just click on it
An icon of FB will appear on your home screen of your Android phone .

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