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How To Install Gcam In Redmi k20 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi k20

How To Install Gcam In Redmi k20 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi k20
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How To Install Gcam In Redmi k20 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi k20

In this article i will guide you step by step How To Install Gcam In Redmi k20 and Best GCam For Redmi k20 and redmi k20 pro. Full Tutorial to install gcam in Redmi k20 pro withgoogle camera hdr+ apk Download google camera

About Redmi K20 and K20 Pro

You  already know that Xiaomi has recently released Redmi K20 and K20 Pro by its sub brand Redmi. google camera port

Redmi k20 pro is the next Flagship Killer. You can find Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm) chipset that incorporate Octa-core CPUs (1×2.84 GHz Kryo 485 & 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 485 & 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 485) and Adreno 640 GPU.

Redmi K20 Pro also comes with capacitie of 256 GB, 8 GB RAM or 128 GB, 6/8 GB RAM or 64 GB, and 6 GB RAM.

According to  the specification Redmi k20 and Redmi K20 Pro are quite similar to Xiaomi Mi 9 which is company’s real flagship. The similarities are also applicable to device’s camera setup also. with google camera hdr+ apk

How To Install Gcam In Redmi k20 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi k20

Camera configuration of redmi K20 and k20 pro  Gcam Mod Apk

Triple rear camera setup sits on its rear side.

The first camera has 48 MP Sony IMX586 sensor with f/1.8 aperture, 26mm (wide) lens, 1/2″ sensor size, and 0.8µm pixel size.

The second camera is a telephoto one with 2x optical zoom. The second camera sensor has 8 MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture, 53mm (telephoto) lens, 1/4″ sensor size, 1.12µm pixel size, and 2x optical zoom.

The third camera is an ultrawide angle camera with 13 MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture, 12mm ultrawide lens, 1/3″ sensor size, and 1.12µm pixel size. Download google camera.

How To Install Gcam In Redmi k20 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi k20

What is google camera ?

When Google Pixel Devices release, Google gave Pre-Installed Stock Camera App which gives Great Quality Images on Pixel Devices. But they have only One Camera at the Back, enable camera2 api works like Charm and capture Photos which are better than flagships phones like Apple iPhone X. This happens just because of all about the High-Quality Images depends on the Optimization technology of Google Camera which has a Great AI Optimization.  we can do the same in other Android mobiles also . But there is only one limitations that if you want to use google camera on your android device, your device should support Camera 2 API, like Redmi has given camera2 api on Redmi k20 and k20 pro Pre Enabled. But not every phone in market has pre enabled camera2 api. with google camera hdr+ apk. google camera port.

Few Issues with Google Camera for Redmi k20 and k20 Pro

Google Camera is Good in taking Pictures on Redmi k20 and Redmi k20 pro, But still it’s in Development Mode.So that some Problems with the current Version occur which will be Fix in the Next Patch. Download google camera

  1. The google camera port Closes Many Time.
  2. Portrait Mode is not Working some time.
  3. Night Sight is not so much Good as we Expected. [Will fix in future update Gcam version of Redmi k2o Pro]
  4. Video Recording Lags Some time. [Will fix in future update Gcam version of Redmi k2o ]
  5. No EIS in Some mods.
  6. AWB always on Some mods.
  7. Video 60fps doesn’t work Some mods.
  8. Slow Motion Mode doesn’t work Some mods.
  9. Change to Main Lens to go to Settings or else FC in Some mods. enable camera2 api
  10. Lens Distortion in Ultrawide Lens Some mods.

Compatibility of these Google camera mods?

1- This port only works  with the camera2 api enabled device which fits to all Android 9 (Pie) versions of Redmi K20 Pro ROMs.
2- Requires Google Apps installed. (If not, just search install “Google Drive” from Mi Store, it will add all required apps too.)
3- If you can’t install the app you already have a Google Camera app installed, try to remove it  before installing a new apk. If your ROM ships with a pre installed app, remove it or use a different ROM. enable camera2 api

How to Install Google Cam on Redmi k20 and Redmi k20 Pro

  1. First download the Working Apk of Gcam for Redmi k20.
  2. Install the google camera port in your Redmi k20 Pro Smartphone like we do other third party apps.
  3. After the installation of Gcam , Simply launch App in your Redmi k20 and Redmi k20 Pro. what is camera 2 api?
  4. Allow permission to the Google Camera on Redmi k20 App.
  5. You are ready to use the Gcam mod Apk in your Redmi k20 pro Device. google camera lens blur apk.

How to use Nightsight Mode with different lenses?

Select the lens in main mode, switch to Night Mode , then double tap the Camera Switch Button.

rHow To Install Gcam In Redmi k20 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi k20

Gcam Ports APK for Redmi K20 Pro (All Lenses Work)

Android Camera2 API is also enabled by default. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 has all the horse power to equip those cameras.

You can use all the camera You can shoot super slow motion videos at 960fps. google camera port

Redmi K20 Pro has similar specifications to what Xiaomi Mi 9 has. So we believe that Gcam versions which work on Mi 9 will also work on Redmi K20 Pro. google camera app apk

BSG, Arnova, Cstark, and Xtreme are just few of them. They have managed to create modded versions of Gcam which are compatible for various Android devices. google camera app apk

Version NameVersion CodeDownload Link
MGC_6_1_021_xcam6_beta5.apkVersion 6.1.021 (xcam6 beta5)Download 
MGC_6_1_021_xcam6_beta3.apkVersion 6.1.021 (xcam6 beta3)Download
MGC_6.1.021_Arnova_xcam_mi9_v8.apkVersion mgc 6.1.021 xcam_mi9_v8Download
GCam-6.2.030_Arnova8G2_Urnyx05-v1.2.apkVersion 6.2.030 build 1.2Download

[PORT] Modded Google Camera with HDR+, Night Sight and etc.

Credits goes to for GC_K20P_6.2.030
S4turno BSGArnova8G2, Urnyx05xtrmeand others.

What is working:

  • Camera (HDR+/RAW/ZSL/Flash and etc.
  • Portrait Mode (Front/Rear
  • Night Sight (Front/Rear
  • Super Res Zoom
  •  AR Stickers 
  • Video Recording
  • google camera hdr+ apk

Known issues of this version

  • EIS (use Stock Camera)
  • Panorama
  • Slow Motion

Changelog: Google Camera 6.2.030

  • Initial build
  • AUX works but Telephoto sensor got wrong BL (green photos).
  • HDR+ front/rear works.
  • RAW output works.
  • Night Sight works.
  • Motion works.
  • Portrait front/rear and everything else works.
  • Note: I don’t own the device so some bugs might be never fixed.
  • Tested on: Redmi K20 Pro (MIUI China) 
  • google camera lens blur apk
Version nameversion TypeDownload Link

GCAM XTRME BUILD The Above 3 Links

Xtrme (read Xtreme) is one of 4PDA forum member who develops ported Gcam based on BSG and Arnova8G2 works. He modifies the Gcam and makes it compatible for the device he owns. There is no further config needed. Google camera hdr+ apk support.

GCAM FU24 BUILD 2 second last in above list

Fu24 is a developers who is in XDA. His works are based on other developers’ works (Arnova, BSG, etc). One advantage of his Gcam build is the toggle to switch between cameras.


URNYX05 build is based on Arnova8G2’s. Mostly his works are optimized for OnePlus devices. for google camera port

Added new method to add custom libs, made by Zoran.
- Disabled zoom in portrait mode
- Added aux support for Mi9
- Added long press to use 2nd lens (Mi9) and to join settings
- Fixed issues for HDR+ Enhanced in portrait mode
- Added Lens Blur (thanks BSG)
- Added Exposure Compensation
- Added Saturation

How to use Gcam in Redmi k20 and Redmi K20 Pro

Notes on camera switch (toggle)

The camera switch buttons use colors to distinguish between cameras used. The information is as below:

  • White: Auxiliary lens does not support
  • Blue: Wide lens
  • Purple: Telephoto lens
  • Red: Ultrawide lens
  • camera 2 apk pre enabled

How to switch between google camera lens blur apk?

    • Single tap: Camera switch button to switch between Regular and Front cameras.
    • Long press: Camera Switch Button to switch to Ultrawide lens. what is camera 2 api
  • Long press: Photo Preview Button to switch to Telephoto lens.

How to enable Night Sight mode in every camera?

Doing so is simple but needs a little practice. Select the lens in main mode >> switch to the Night Mode >> then double tap the camera switch button. Best Settings with Configuration .XML

redmi k20 pro google camera night picture

How to import / export configuration files for camera2 api

Some Google Camera versions support export/import of .xml files, allow best setting to users. what is camera 2 api

Download google camera 

Config files are stored in the /GCam/Configs/ directory, with /GCam/being next to the DCIM, Downloads, etc, folders.

This folder need to be create manually using a file manager (no root needed) or automatically by exporting/saving your config (use the option in settings menu). Config files use the .xml extension. camera 2 apk

Import / Load:

To import a config file from another user, move it to the /GCam/Configs/, open google camera lens blur apk, double click the dark area around the capture button, select the config, and then click on “restore”.

Export / Save:

To backup your settings, use the option available in the settings menu. Your configuration will be saved in the default /GCam/Configs/ folder (eg: /GCam/Configs/config-name.xml). This file can be used on another GCam version that supports this feature or shared with another users. google camera app apk

Download Latest Ported Google Camera For Redmi K20 Pro

we will update here if we get any new version of rom till that wait for the updates. but above gcam files are latest. Download google camera. camera 2 apk should be pre enabled.

Download Gcam Mods For your Android Device Sort by Device List

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