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How To Install Gcam In Redmi 6 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi 6 Pro

How To Install Gcam In Redmi 6 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi 6 Pro
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How To Install Gcam In Redmi 6 Pro, Best GCam For Redmi 6 Pro

In this article i will guide you step by step How To Install Gcam In Redmi 6 Pro. and Best GCam For Redmi 6 Pro. Full Tutorial to install gcam in Redmi 6 Pro.

Follow the below steps for How To Install Gcam In Redmi 6 Pro.: Google Camera In Redmi 6 Pro..

This article is all about How to Install Google Camera in Redmi 6 Pro. We will explain the full tutorial from Downloading to Installing.

What is google camera ?

When Google Pixel Devices release, Google gave Pre-Installed Stock Camera App which gives Great Quality Images on Pixel Devices. But they have only One Camera at the Back, Google Camera works like Charm and capture Photos which are better than flagships phones like Apple iPhone X. This happens just because of all about the High-Quality Images depends on the Optimization technology of Google Camera which has a Great AI Optimization.  we can do the same in other Android mobiles also . But there is only one limitations that if you want to use google camera on your android device, your device should support Camera 2 API, like Redmi 6 Pro.  has given camera 2 api on  6 Pro Not Pre Enabled. But not every phone in market has not pre enabled camera 2Api.

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Camera configuration of  Redmi 6 Pro. Gcam Mod Apk

The rear 12-megapixel camera on the Redmi 6 Pro. captures usable daylight shots but the AI can make colours look unnatural. Low-light camera performance isn’t stellar and so is the video recording, but the selfie camera shoots decent images.

Few Issues with Google Camera for Redmi 6 Pro.

Google Camera is Good in taking Pictures on Redmi 6 Pro, But still it’s in Development Mode.So that some Problems with the current Version occur which will be Fix in the Next Patch.

  1. The App Closes Many Time.
  2. Portrait Mode is not Working some time.
  3. Night Sight is not so much Good as we Expected. [Will fix in future update Gcam version of Redmi 6 Pro.]
  4. Video Recording Lags Some time. [Will fix in future update Gcam version of Redmi 6 Pro.]

How to Install Google Cam on Redmi 6 Pro.

  1. First you have yo Unlock the Boot Loader to enable camera 2 api.
  2. First download the Working Apk of Gcam for Redmi 6 Pro..
  3. Install the Gcam apk in your Redmi 6 Pro Smartphone like we do other third party apps.
  4. After the installation of Gcam , Simply launch App in your Redmi 6 Pro.
  5. Allow permission to the Google Camera on Redmi 6 Pro App.
  6. You are ready to use the Gcam mod Apk in your Redmi 6 Pro Device.

About Redmi 6 Pro

The Redmi 6 Pro is Premium in design. Smooth app and UI performance.With Good battery life and a Bright and sharp display also take Shoots decent images in good light. Display6.30-inch (1080×2340). Processor Snapdragon 660 AIE. Battery Capacity 4000mAh OS Android 9.0.

HOW TO INSTALL GOOGLE CAMERA IN Redmi 6 Pro – GOOGLE PIXEL 3 CAMERA PORT [Camera Samples] Watch our Video On youtube

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