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How to fix Screen overlay detected error

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Here we will study How to fix Screen overlay detected error.

Error message “Screen overlay detected”: the cause ????

This message show when you’re running a floating app and then start another installed app  which requests access rights.

Floating apps include the chat heads of Facebook Messenger that can appear floating above other apps.

Affected Smartphones:

Usersworldwide on the internet reported  this problem Screen Overlay Detected appears on all Android devices which are upgraded to Android Marshmallow.

Screen Overlay may appear in all Marshmallow Android devices such as Samsung, Lenovo, Techno, Oneplus, LG, Redmi MI, Oppo, Vivo and many more devices.

Problem apps:

youmay face this  problem using Drupe, but ES File Explorer, CleanMaster, Lux and Twilight have all been blamed for the problem.

The technical background:

 Apps ask for permission to use certain parts of your phone (internal storage, camera, etc.).

How to fix.

How to fix Screen overlay detected error.

Check you what apps have permission to draw over the screen. On a non-Samsung smartphone, follow these steps:

Solution 1

  • Step 1. Open Settings
  • Stpe 2. Scroll down to Apps option.
  • Step 3. Click on Three Dots option at the top right corner of your mobile screen.
  • Step 4. Select Draw Over Other Apps.
  • Step 5. Click on Three Dots and then select Show System Apps.
  • Step 5. Now the list of all apps along with System Apps, whose Screen Overlay is active will appear.
  • Step 6. Turn off screen overlay of all apps one by one.

Now you have successfully disabled Screen Overlay of all apps. You will never see the again but if you are a Samsung phone user.

Solutions for Samsung user

  • Step 1. Open Settings.
  • Step 2. Click on Apps and then select Application Manager option.
  • Step 3. Tap on More option of your mobile screen.
  • Step 4. Select Apps that can Appear on Top.
  • Step 5. Now open Show System Apps.
  • Step 6. Now the list of applications with active Screen Overlay will appear.
  • Step 7. Turn off screen overlay of all apps one by one.

Solutions 2

Uninstall Some Unwanted Apps

List of Apps Which are Causing Screen Overlay Detected issue on Android Device:

  • Chat head of Facebook Messenger.
  • Apps which have Animated Rocket Cleaners on Home Screen
  • Es File Explorer
  • LUX App
  • Internet Speed Meter
  • All Night Mode apps such as Twilight
  • All Security and Antivirus Apps
  • Share IT
  • UC Browser
  • 360 Security
  • All DU apps such as DU Booster and Cleaner, DU Battery Saver, DU Antivirus

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