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Google Pay Debit Card Coming Soon in India

Google Pay Debit Card Coming Soon in India
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Google Pay Debit Card Coming Soon

Google is going to launch its own Physical Debit Card. Google Pay Debit Card Coming Soon. Read the full article to know more about Google Pay Debit Card.

Google Pay Debit Card Coming Soon in India

Google is working on developing its own smart debit card: Report

Google is planning to develop physical and virtual debit cards under its own brand. The card will connect to a Google app that will allow users to monitor purchases, check account balance or lock their account. In the US The card will be co-branded with Other partners will include CITI and Stanford Federal Credit Union, it said. Apple has its own virtual payment solutions including Apple Pay and the Apple Card.

What is Google Card

Google Pay Debit Card Coming Soon in India

Google Card as a smart debit card. Similar to the Apple Card, but the Google Card is a debit card. This is a physical card that also exists as a virtual card on Google Pay. The biggest difference between the Google Card and some other credit/debit cards will be integrated and detailed financial tracking. 

Look Of Google Pay Debit Card

The Google card looks white with the logo of the partnered bank and Google.  A chip card on the Visa network, but there could be other networks included. The card design is not confirmed because currently it is in beta mode also features a strange blue and green dot pattern. The app will show recent transactions with merchant and date details.

Features of Google pay Debit Card

  • You can see the location of the purchase on a map.
  • If card stole or lost you can lock the card by the app.
  • The virtual card will remain active as it has a different number than the physical card.
  • You can use it in online and offline transactions.
  • Also, it will work in ATMs.

When Google Pay Debit Card Comes in India

Well there is not official confirm date of Google Pay Debit card India Launch. But we expect it to come next year. Because currently, it is in beta testing mode in the United States. After the official launch of the US, it will come to India. In India, it will come with the State bank of India or Axis Bank of India.  Also, it may come with Google Wallet which is the old Payment solution of Google. But there is no official confirmation about it.

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