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Hello and welcome to the yusuf jacks                                 

Here you will get everything Related with Daily Tech News, Phone Leaks, Phone reviews, Tips and tricks and many more soon. 

We at yusufjacks  gives you high quality services because we believe in helping not editing or earning.

About me |

My self Syed Mohammad Yusuf Hasan. Now i am pursuing BCA , And i am a tech youtuber i make Daily tech videos you can check it by searching my name on youtube yusuf jacks.

My dream is to make a online place for every indian to learn every thing free of cost . Because i think education should free for every one specially in computer . And i am still working for that.
soon i will make lots of education software and website with my friend JED & Techno Line for every one .

This is all about me i am nothing but i want to do something for every one.

yusuf jacks

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