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Download Latest Version of Official TWRP Recovery For Redmi 6 cereus

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Download Latest Version of Official TWRP Recovery For Redmi 6 cereus

Download Latest Version of Official TWRP Recovery For Redmi 6 cereus. This is the latest version of TWRP issued by TWRP Manufacture Work only For Redmi 6.

What is TWRP ?

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is an open-source software for custom recovery image for Android-based devices. It provides a touchscreen-enabled environment which allows users to install third-party firmware and back up the current system, functions often unsupported by stock recovery images. It can also work in rooted Android devices also unlocked bootloader device.

TWRP for cereus (Redmi 6)

Cereus is the code name of Chinese Redmi 6 . Designed by Xiaomi Run On MIUI. This TWRP file is for Redmi 6 . You can use the TWRP image to install Custom ROM or China based MIUI ROM.

Official TWRP  2.8.4 Recovery Update for Cereus [Latest]

Last year Xiaomi Launch MIUI 10 Android Oreo for the Redmi 6 and lots of users who are using custom Recovery on Redmi 6 are having issues on the TWRP. So TWRP Release new version for Redmi 6 MIUI 10 Based ROM Android Oreo ROM. We will Guide you how to Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi 6 Android Oreo MIUI 10. The process is quite easy and all you need a phone with unlock bootloader. 

After the installation of  TWRP custom recovery on the phone you can install custom ROMS. Also you can install modded Zip files and so many other things on your phone.Which is near to impossible on MIUI ROMs. . We can enable the Camera2Api on Redmi 6 Phone and install the latest Google Camera.


  • samarvispute121
    Merge “cereus: Update trees” into android-8.1
  • SamarV-121
    cereus: Update trees Change-Id: Ifa2ced5ff8a4a11016b71a5093896229f2fe9974 Signed-off-by: SamarV-121<></>
  • samarvispute121
    Merge “cereus: Fix data decryption” into android-8.1
  • SamarV-121
    cereus: Fix data decryption Change-Id: I2f934a43454918b0efbb540bb709fe21e8ef9849 Signed-off-by: SamarV-121<></>
  • samarvispute121
    Merge “cereus: Add lun file path” into android-8.1

Warning Before Downloading

  • Always Download TWRP from Official site. which we listed below.
  • we are not the copyright owner of TWRP it is Designed by (Click here to know more) And TWRP is an Open Source Software.
  • Installing TWRP recovery Never lose your warranty.

Click here to Download The latest version of TWRP for Redmi 6



Pre-Requirements to Install TWRP on Redmi 6

  • For installing TWRP in Redmi Note 5 Pro First of all you have to unlock your bootloader.
  • After Unlocking Bootloader you have to Download 3 important file First One Is Latest TWRP recovery File For Redmi Note 5 Pro. 
  • Next you have to download ABD Setup and install the latest drivers in your Computer. 
  • Also Download The new recover ROM file which you want to install. 
  • After collecting all these things you are ready to install and use TWRP Recovery in Redmi Note 5 Pro.
  • Using TWRP is not illegal any where in the world so don’t worry about that.

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